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Campaign to Encourage Healthy Eating/Drinking

We all spend a lot of time outside of our home and mostly end up eating/drinking that we may want to or not. With a vision of nurturing a healthy community around us, we thought about designing a program where we would weekly publish one Recipe of delicious smoothie that will not only nourish you but it...
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Precautions while taking Cortisone Injections

Many times pain overrules our emotions and forces us to take actions, the impact of which we do not understand fully. After taking cortisone shots, a decent percentage of patients find pain relief. Not only it helps relieve pain but it also reduces inflammation in the specific area of the body.

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Art of Relaxing

Relaxing is an important element in the healing process. Most times pain is caused by inadequate blood flow. When we are tense, the muscles are stiffer and tighter further impacting the flow of the blood especially in the target pain areas. Relaxing not only improves the blood flow but it also help the muscles to relax which...
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