Client Testimonials (Online)

Ajay Saini Feb 01, 2018 Piscataway, NJ

Dear Garima, thank you so much for helping me with my back, shoulder, and neck pain. You are an excellent physical therapist who knew how to treat my pain in a very gentle and human way. My pain is completely gone after your treatment, and I am pain free since then. You are simply the BEST. Thank you!

Margie Bertha Jan 28, 2017 Edison, NJ

Three words describe Healing HandZ for me, Care, Knowledge and Professionalism. I came to Healing HandZ after breaking my right wrist and being in a cast for 6 weeks. Lots of pain, not much movement and skepticism. Garima told me from day one that i would get there. Today is my last day for PT and she was right. Trust in Garima and Neeraj Jain, they know so much and are the BEST. Do your exercises for your injury and healing will happen. I am so Thankful to them all. I would recommend Healing HandZ to my family and friends because I know they will be in the BEST of HANZ.

Kala. Narayanan Jul 07, 2014

I was lucky to have been treated by Ms Garima Jain in 2011. I was nursing a shoulder injury, afraid to drive to work! she had accommodated me at odd hours and set me on the path to recovery. I found her very dependable, a great empathetic listener addressing all my fears and also very cheerful! It was a pleasure being her patient and would highly recommend her without any reservation.

Malti Punwani Mar 31, 2018 Edison, NJ

You are a wonderful and caring person. You are doing a great and awesome job. You have a loving personality. You make people homely. It is a healing atmosphere as you have given the name for your place; Healing HandZ. You have a magic touch in your hands, anyone can feel better in a short time. I am glad that God sent me to the right place and got cured in a short time. Keep up the good work. God Bless you and your family.

Jenna Higgins Dec 20, 2013 Edison, NJ

The best therapy place ever. Highly recommend!

Carol Cimilluca Dec 19, 2013 Iselin, NJ

I was treated by Garima Jain and she is the best! She feels your pain. If you follow her plan it will surely heal you better and quicker. Compassion, sincerity, dependability, sensitivity are just some of the word that fits her personality very well. She is like sunshine as she enters the room.

Tetyana Sergeev Jul 29, 2016 Edison, NJ

I love this place! Garima is very professional and caring. She has "magic" hands! Staff is very friendly. New office is amazing with a lot of equipments, it's very clean and cozy. I am highly recommending it!

Jason Henschke Dec 19, 2013 Woodbridge, NJ

Garima is phenomenal in what she does. I have felt the magic in her hands. She does a lot of manual therapy unlike other therapy centers who put you on electronics. I had a chronic backache that made my day today activities very difficult. A friend of mine referred me to her and I tried. I started feeling better in no time. She does have healing hands as it fits to her practice name perfectly. I wish her and the practice the very best.

Vijaya Dec 19, 2015 Edison, NJ

Garima is close friend of mine but never seen her in the capacity of a physical therapist until I had a problem. My first encounter is her office was thoroughly healing and Yes she does have HEALING HANDS . With subsequent visits I had significant relief of symptoms and I am back doing activites I enjoy the most. I am a physician myself and highly recommend her. I am proud to say that Garima is not only my friend but my healing therapist .

Miriam Tse Oct 04, 2017 South Plainfield, NJ

Garima my physical therapist reallly took the the time to listen to my concerns. The quiet and peacefuatmosphere really helps you relax. You are never rushed. By far the best physical therapy place I have encountered. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs physical therapy.

Donna Delvescovo Feb 18, 2015 Metuchen, nJ

Healing Handz Pt is amazing , a peaceful and relaxing place..Garima is so sweet and kind she knows exactly what treatment to give you.. At first i was worried and didn't want to do it but after the first time going I knew I had picked the right place for treatment.. She knows what your feeling and gives you a routine to follow, and each time you go though it you get stronger, and gets you moving in the right direction..

Linda Papp Dec 19, 2013

I needed to schedule a Physical Therapist quickly, the doctor took me on short notice. Awesome, they were able to do an appointment on Saturday because my only other day was booked up. First appointment I felt welcomed which helped me relax. Doctor noticed another problem which I didn’t know I had and fixed that also. I already gave the name to someone I know also experiencing some problem. Thank you so much Healing HandZ!!! I’m starting to see improvements already.

Venkat Iyer Jun 26, 2017 Edison, NJ

I had a great experience with Garima and the team of Healing HandZ while I was undergoing physical therapy for my lower back and right shoulder issues.

No doubt, the team deserves five star credit for their level of professional and personal behavior. Their location is well equipped and organized to deliver the treatment they take responsibility for.

At Healing HandZ, they establish a personal relation to understand the patient and the problem, whereas I have noticed more of a business/routine mentality at several other therapy places. Healing HandZ also has the right admin to adjust to patient priorities in terms of scheduling appointments.

My #1 recommendation for PT is Healing HandZ.

Henrietta S. Leitner Dec 19, 2013 Piscataway, NJ

I met Garima Jain, on Sept. 14, 2009, when I started my physical therapy for bursitis. My appointments were three times a week and I couldn’t ask for a better physical therapist than Garima. She showed me exactly what to do, how to do it, and even did it with me! We always had smiles on our faces because she really helped me and I appreciate all she did for me. Now, I don’t have that terrible pain as I had at that time. I recommend her to anyone.

Barbara Soto Jan 18, 2014 Edison, NJ

The staff is caring and therapist does a great job. Best experience I ever had at any of the PT places in past.

Marian Jaeger Dec 19, 2013 Colonia, NJ

I find Garima Jain to be friendly, understanding and patient. She listens well and encourages you. You find yourself doing things that you were sure you couldn’t do. I am pleased with how Garima has helped me.

Mitesh Sanghvi Jul 25, 2012 Edison, NJ

Physical Therapy is about science of healing and art of caring. You are excellent in both of them.

Anthony Maglione Mar 29, 2015 Edison, NJ

I like the plants hanging all around the ceilings of the office, the staff is great and Garima is wonderful, I met Nick on yesterday and had a nice chat. My Knee is much better with only 3 visits , I will need more therapy to be 100% and I recommend Healing Hands!