About Us

Healing HandZ is a renowned physical therapy clinic owned and operated by Garima and Neeraj Jain. We specialize in sharing our experience and knowledge so that you can realize your best-self in both body and mind.

For 15 years the therapists of Healing HandZ have been trusted by over 2,000 patients to restore their bodies and remarkably change their lives through physical therapy.

Not only do you want to fix the problem (and the pain) but you also want it to stay away. Healing HandZ provides you a fast-healing experience while promoting an overall healthy lifestyle. Our therapists conduct a careful evaluation to identify the underlying cause of the ailment. Healing HandZ further coaches you to prevent future recurrences. When you complete physical therapy at Healing HandZ, you’re safe knowing that you have the proper techniques and knowledge to prevent further injury.

You will be treated with care and affection at Healing HandZ while, at the same time, receiving the most quality care available anywhere.

We are conveniently located in Edison, New Jersey on Parsonage Road.

Our office is only 35 minutes from NYC and 75 minutes north of Philadelphia. We see patients from all over New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

Our mission is to treat both the underlying cause of your pain and also to prevent any future occurrences. We treat and educate you in a nurturing and caring environment where you will find confidence in each and every member of our staff. You will receive the highest quality care at Healing HandZ where our philosophy is to treat patients as friends while guiding them to the path of recovery.

We want patients to feel, for the first time in years, a body with eliminated pain. To walk freely without limited motion. To recover fully from a bad accident. Thanks to our proven therapists and their dedication to patient recovery, these success stories happen every day at Healing HandZ.

Our success is measured by Your Success!

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